DR.BROWN'S DOUBLE ELECTRIC BREASTPUMP: "The Pump for The Aching Nipples Amongst Us"

Pretty early on into the adventure that is parenting, I have come to find that so many things that I thought would come ever so effortlessly and naturally simply weren't to be. I wondered if I had been flat out lied to all these years really...

One of these "things" I am so saltily referring to is Breastfeeding.
See, I love my daughter, beautiful bundle of sweetness and joy that she is... I love her especially dearly on the minutes she chooses to be sweet and joyous! But I have come to face the rude reality that newborns, and first time parenting can be a bit tough. However, if you have made it to my page after moaning out loud one too many times with nipples that are chewed up, bruised up, aching and raw from pumping or breastfeeding (or the combo that I so dutifully have!), then without further adieu...here's my take on my latest discovery... The Dr. Browns Double Electric Breast Pump: Featuring Simplisse Technology.

Thats it...up there, dark photo? Yes. I snapped a picture of the box that bore my most favorite thing in the world right now (right behind God, my husband and baby almost!) at night....right before pumping. I am here to share this piece of wonderment with you.

Let me start by saying: I tried this product in the midst of the pains that Mastitis brings. My nipples were sore and cracked, I would wince in pain EVERY time I went to pump, and for the 5 days before the purchase of this pump, my supply had slowly begun to dwindle away. Only now am I just finding relief in an 8 day course of amoxicillin antibiotics! This pump has gotten me through the worst of it! Also... I am the owner of another big brand breast pump... the Med**la. You know the one. Tugged and pinched me all the way from day one of usage!  But after trying this Dr. Brown's pump, I am not entirely sure HOW Med**la brand continues to be as popular as it is!

*COMFORT:  The flanges on this puppy are seriously comfortable! (I am aching to find out how much better it will feel when I am over my nipple pains and sore breasts!). The flanges feature a soft flexible material that the manufacturer compares to baby's skin on the pump's packaging, though I wouldnt go that far! But the breastcups (flanges) are worth the price to me! The unit is not designed like the old duckbill/trumpet variety. (see photos) but is instead designed to fit multiple breast and nipple sizes. It does indeed "massage" the breast tissue and areola area. So gently infact that I am sometimes not aware of it! There IS a tug on the nipple. This isn't your baby, people. So dont expect an exact replica. But for a machine? Its pretty darn great at doing its job.   With my old pump, I can express 7-10 oz in around 45 mins (my letdown would take forever due to the pain I felt, inhibiting this vital bodily function!). But in approximately 30 seconds or less I had milk dripping...then dropping! I had to look down in disbelief!

*EASE OF USE: Now if you are used to the big name brands you will already be accustomed to the taking apart and re-assembly of a breastpump. With this one I must admit the first night I used it by myself (my dutiful husband actually assembled it the first time for me!) I didnt put it together correctly: I sleepily screwed in one part too loosely. But following the instructions I got all the parts together and off I went. Now days into usage, I do this very quickly! (as you must with a newborn!) and now...I can pump my 7-10 oz in 7-10 MINUTES! Yes people!...it is THAT drastic a change.  (Please ignore the bottle warmer in the corner of the photo---that is NOT a part of this circus!)

NO CLEANING OF TUBES! (though I admit these connector tubes are heavy and rather cumbersome so you MUST put your pumped milk on the stands once you are done to ensure no spillage!
WORKS EVEN WHEN WET: You know sometimes you have to pump multiple times per day and the pump parts may be wet after washing? Well.... no problem here.

*EXTRAS!:   The Pump Carrying Bag is actually pretty....cute!  Its a microfiber/ faux leather blend look! (see picture below)
Ok...its not a Coach or a Dooney and Burke (I own neither of those mind you...) but it doesnt look as utilitarian as some of the other pump carry-all bags I have seen!

It also came with :
-10 Dr. Browns Breast Milk Storage bags (the plastic freezer variety)
-2 Sets of (disposable) Breast Pads
-4 Milk Collection Bottles
-1 Wet Storage Bag ( A 8 inch by 6 inch  water resistant nylon black bag with a zipper)
-1 Microfiber Cooler Pack with 2 ice Ice gel packs
-User Manual

So you cant return things of this nature that you have used! But you can try it out!
Now I didnt see instructions in the box, on how to take advantage of this guarantee ...but, its online and is available here:


-The Cost: and this is negotiable.
Hoe much would YOU pay for function and comfort? As it turns out, it cost me $250 with tax. I bought this in the store because I wanted to go in and feel it and see it for myseldf before purchasing. To be fair, Target (Target.com) gives you a $25 giftcard after making such purchases so....I feel justified.

It can also be purchased at
-Bed Bath and Beyond. (If you can find it IN store you will be able to use the companys 20% off coupon! I did not find it in store)
-BuyBuy Baby (also may use the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon as this store is their affiliate---but alas, you must be able to find the product in store to use said coupon....)
-Amazon.... My trusty Amazon has THE best price...and now that I know I love it, thats where I would probably go for the best price!
There are other retailers but hey....I just liked the best price!

Noise....well...its kinda noisy. But I have gotten used to the rythmic hums and vibrations. Pumps
make noise!

The Milk Collection Bottles are...small. Their maximum capacity is listed at 3 oz (though I have pumped around 4oz into it which is asking for trouble and spillage).


Well, I thought it was flimsy at first. Now it LOOKS very well made. However, you see the parts...plastic! Clear plastic! But I love it sooo much I handled it gingerly! I thought for sure that if  I somehow dropped it, the plastic would shatter. Well? I just dropped it a few hours ago and nope...it certainly did not break nor crack when it hit my hard kitchen floor.

Washing Instructions should be adhered to. I personally hand wash my pump parts and dont want to risk anything getting damaged in the dishwasher. But it is dishwasher safe. Aside from the flexible breast cups which the manufacturer suggests you should handwash.

I do not EVER want mine to break! (read wayyyyyyyyy below for an update!)
There is a 1yr product guarantee . For this reason I am keeping the box for 21 days alloted in the money back guarantee as that is the only way to get a full refund...
Parts are available for purchase on their website but I didnt see replacement parts...nor other parts really, in the store.

Or... at $202.49


Do not ever compare your breast milk volumn (supply) to another lady's as you are an individual and your supply is catered to your lovely baby. Do not compare your rate of letdown to any other lady's either. Let-down varies throughout the day, according to stress levels, hydration levels and other factors.  However...do listen to this lady when she advises you to shop around! Go to the stores like I did! I am not being paid for this review-----wish I were really! LOL! But I am writing it to help mothers out. I am a new, first time mother of a lovely 6 week old girl and as I am only now at the beginning of my journey, I am sure I have tons to learn along the way.  If you have questions, leave them below and....HAPPY PUMPING!

UPDATE:   March 9, 2013

I am STILL in love with my pump...with a few exceptions.

(1) The pump seems to have lower suction capabilites on one side. I have circumnavigated this issue by pumping my heavy-flow (fuller/larger) breast with the lower suctioning side and trying to stimulate the smaller (lower milk-producing) breast with the functional side... I am wondering if the pump will break down due to this ...defect? Mind you...it still WORKS, but one side suctions more forcefully.

And....thats about it.
I love it....it works.
Still comfortable. NO pain during usage.